All our work is based on an understanding of the dynamics of emotion, relationships and of their impact on individuals, companies, complex organisations and on the socio-economic life of a country.

We operate in total transparency, we invest in our people, we are passionate about our work. Driven by dedication, determination and intellectual curiosity, our untiring research and sharing of knowledge is both a stimulus for our own imagination and a source of value for our clients.


Launched in Milan in 1996 by Filomena Rosato, Filocomunicazione is an independent public relations and integrated communications agency based in Italy but with a global reach. That means greater responsibility, creativity and commitment to results; it means establishing a partnership with the client to interpret real needs, provide solutions and build trust.


We strive to make a difference. We believe that exerting a positive influence on people's behaviour, opinions, lifestyle and consumption choices involves a pact of responsibility between agency and client; it is an act of synergy between the company’s activities and the agency’s ability to enhance its reputation and the well-being of the wider community.

We believe that business and harmony, beauty and development create a potential framework for a corporate model that can change the world. And an important contributor to this framework, we believe, is quality, original, targeted, relevant and effective communications.